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Health disparities are extensively researched: The Current Scope of Health Disparities in the U.S.: A Review of Literature. The County of San Diego is committed to mitigating health services inequities: Chronic Disease and Health Equity Unit . For the purposes of this demonstration project, we’ve selected these measures that have been correlated to health disparities by research: poverty, education, and marginalized community (i.e., race, ethnicity, gender identity.)

Client identification: belonging to marginalized communities.
Client experience of economic hardship.
Education level indicator.
The client's priority concern.
What does your supervisor need to know about the client's situation?

We propose to use the agency Unique Patient Identifier and their associated demographic data for each individual case profile. In this way, we can focus on the respondent’s current needs and resources. This provides evaluation data for outcomes and Information & Referral to the County’s Self-Sufficiency Programs.